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1. Maureen and Dominic wrote at 06.09.2012 - 11:25pm
deear Neville, lovely to read your entry in my guest book. Do come back any time. We will treat you grandly. See you soon hopefully,
Dominic Maureen and baby Eoghan now 12 years old.
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2. Neville Ashton wrote at 06.04.2012 - 8:48pm
Dear Maureen & Dominic,

I am delighted to be in touch with you again - after 12 years interval. You may [ or may not ? ] wish to recall our acquaintance in 2000 when I was accompanied by my brother Owen.

Just prior to our arrival Owen had become ill and WE quickly became a cause for
embarrassment and disruption of your lovely house & routine !

In retrospect , I belioeve Owen had become disconcerted by our extensive tour of Ireland : the further we travelled, the more he felt threatened the prevailing terrorist situation of NorthernIreland !

You may recall that Owen was very deaf and "unenlightened " about Irish hisotory & geography ! It was ironic that, en route to Belfast Airport, we drove through Londonderry {of all places!] and Owen remained totally unaware of our whereabouts . By the time we arrived home he was perfectly well again !

Your ample consideration and great kindness to the two of us have never been forgotten. On the day following our arrival in Derrybrien you gave me considerable assistance in arrangements for Owen and myself to travel to Belfast Airport , homeward bound !

I have nourished hopes of returning to Ramelton ever after that unfortunate introduction to one another : I am delighted to know you are still welcoming visitors { STRANGE ones and others !] to your charming , hospitable location.

Brother Owen died in 2001 - aged 83 . He never ventured far from home again !

However, I do hope to return before long - bringing peace to your house ! Meanwhile , please be assured of my constant appreciation and fervent good wishes.

Yours, endearingly, Neville A:
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3. Amanda Logue wrote at 21.02.2012 - 6:00pm
Dear Maureen & Dominic.... What can I say... The crack was 90!!! Warmest welcome ever and a fab breakfast/dinner to go with it!:-) Will definitely be back... and I\'ll bring cake the next time especially for Eoghan!:-)
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4. Wytse & Anne-Mary Strikwerda wrote at 21.06.2009 - 12:06pm
Dear Maureen & Dominic,
We'll thank you very much for the very nice & warm stay we've had last week.
It was great craic to talk with you at the kitchentable!
Looking forward to enjoy your hospitality again when we're the next time in Donegal.
As soon I'm in Utrecht, I will greet Mick 'O Connels Irish Pub from you!
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5. Keith Fowler wrote at 18.06.2009 - 11:42am
I would just like to thank you both for a great stay. My Mother was very comfortable as was I. I have already reccommended you to a Susanne Lambe, who is coming to Donegal with 2 or 3 others for a wedding in the Silver Tassie.
You are very nice people and I am glad we stayed with you.
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6. Big Frog wrote at 22.02.2009 - 12:04am
how we all doing ... might make a trip over in july ... keep the beer cold
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7. JENNIFER TEMPLETON wrote at 14.08.2006 - 8:07pm
Lovely place to stay lovely family. Made to feel very welcome. Highly recommended.Just a pity about the weather
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8. marie lalor wrote at 13.08.2005 - 11:27pm
It was just like home from home. Treated like family. Will return soon.
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9. brian wrote at 21.06.2005 - 9:07pm
very warm, hospitable and pleasant surroundings...was treated like family.
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10. yvonne wrote at 21.06.2005 - 3:26am
Wow did we have a great time at your home, you guys are so much fun. so looking forward to returning... To all who read this. Truly wonderful people, great food and the best place to stay in Donegal
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11. emzy wrote at 07.05.2005 - 12:22pm
any 1 from derrybrien shud know egans pub or the gormleys or the broadricks please help me or email me love u irish x x x
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12. emma gormley wrote at 07.05.2005 - 12:17pm
does any one know brian eagan or peter kelly
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13. Eilo Boyce wrote at 04.05.2005 - 6:58pm
Lovely family, breakfast is lovely, wonderful view. Will be back!!!!!!!!!!!
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14. Neal Keyes wrote at 12.04.2005 - 3:00pm
Great Place to stay - very warm welcome - great breakfast - will be back
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15. Aoine wrote at 08.01.2005 - 3:55pm
Lovely place to stay and the breakfast is fab!!!! will be back again!
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16. Barbara wrote at 02.12.2004 - 1:56am
Your home looks lovely! I'll save your site in my "Favorites" I'm planning a trip next year not for sure when. My greatgrandmother is from Ramelton. I look forward to visiting the area she was from.
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17. Ina & George wrote at 24.09.2004 - 3:14pm
very nice site and house...
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